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Monday, February 21, 2005

I love English chocolate

It's so much nicer than American chocolate. I went over to England over the Christmas holidays, and I must have had at least two chocolate bars a day. They have all these different varieties of Cadbury's Dairy milk. The KitKats are also very different, they are more crispy than we get here. So anyway, I went to the store (in England)and bought some to bring home. Then I was in Canada a month or so ago, and I got some Aero bars, some Kit Kats (to see if they would be good) at the grocery store there (also some Becel spread, Jason loves it). Then when I went through the Duty Free, I got some Quality Street as well. This is delicious as well. Little bits of chocolate covered toffee, caramels and creams. And no, I don't weigh a ton, but you would think so from all the chocolate currently in my house. Nan just knitted Martin a new jumper, so she said she put MORE chocolate for me in their, this is in addition to the chocolates (and jumpers) she just sent. My current chocolate inventory is like this: ~8 English Kit Kat bars 4 Canadian Kit Kat Bars 4 caramel Aero bars (Canada) Box of Quality Street 3 Cadbury dairy milk wafers 3 Cadbury dairy milk bubbles 2 Cadbury dairy milk caramel Package of Cadbury flake Package of shortbread Package of Rich tea biscuits 1/2 package of chocolate covered digestive biscuits large box of Fererro Rocher What a lot of Chocolate.


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