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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ugh, today I hate my job

So. It is snowing today. I live in Maryland, so this is big news. I had some pseudo-training this morning, so I got in "early" (explanation: meant to be in at 7:30 am, leave the house at 7 but Jason snuck out early, then Martin woke up early, so I ended up having to change him (captain pee-pee), nurse him and cuddle him, because his tooth hasn't come in yet and he is a bit cranky), but actually made it in at around 8. Did some "training" then had these samples to run, except it is a battle between the Raman and I (Raman is currently winning), so I decided to take a Medela break, and bitch in my BLOG. Ugh. So I hate my job today, which is a bit unusual. I had PLANNED on leaving early today (like around NOW), but I am doing battle. I think I may leave after Medela, go home, write my report on the data that's been sitting here all week, then return tomorrow to continue the fight. CIAO.


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