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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy days...

This could be a good (almost) day. I was attacked on my birth club (bulletin board) on babycenter.com. Difference of opinions on those boards are not taken lightly. I am sure that I will be ignored on yet another birth club. This has already happened to me before, with Martin's birth club. You see, I have a short attention span, and posting on bulletin boards on a religious basis is just not my thing. I maybe post 1-2 times a week, month, or even longer. So when I would post it was generally ignored; while another poster could post about, oh lets just say, the color of her socks for the day and she would get maybe 200 responses. I could post about Martin's projectile vomiting and was that normal, with persistent bumps by myself, I would get maybe 3 responses. As a matter of fact, there was even a blogging thread, which I dutifully posted on. I am sure that even my blog will be ignored, as it will prove to be either not thought provoking enough, or too thought provoking. ehhh. I should consider it a good day when I can post on those boards and get ignored. You see, I am not like normal women, I am the ab-normal woman. But I am having a good day. Maybe this is because I went to bed early (around 9pm), had an actual breakfast this morning, my mom did not piss me off to no end, Martin was a sweetheart. It is also in spite of the fact that I did not have sex last night, but there is always hope since I am fully rested for once. I have hope. We also went to the Home Depot last night, where we got a spray-on bug, oops insect, killer, permethrin. I can't remember the brand name, this commonly happens. Permethrin is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It is minimally toxic to humans and animals, but incredibly toxic to insects and arachnids. Lovely. I also have a bit of geeky, chemist related history with this compound as well. So Jason went out last night and rescued my Potentilla from being devoured. Then he also sprayed the plants around the patio, and Martin's play structure. My mother complains about the mosquitoes and I don't really care, but it does mean she doesn't take Martin out as much, so it all comes back. I also have a headache, but what is new? I am convinced that my headache is a sign of a huge tumor that is inside my brain. I think it started in undergraduate p-chem lab, where we were using benzene for some crappy experiment. I got an intense headache, and when I told my lab-partner he said "That's not a headache, that's the tumor growing in your brain". Not that I believe that he was/is some future-seeing, medical-type person. I do think, and am convinced to this day, that I do indeed have a gigantic tumor growing in my head. I mean, how do they know I don't? I have never had a CAT scan or MRI done. Thanks for reading!


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