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Monday, April 04, 2005

Once a week...

Looks like I am down to once a week now. I was very pleased when I finally got the wireless working, but I get home, play with/nurse Martin, then feed Marting dinner, then prepare dinner, eat dinner, then play more with Martin, get Martin ready for bed, and it is 8:30 by the time he is down. Then I spend quality time with Jason. Honestly, I think this is why I feel so stressed out and explodable. I am not really getting any down-time. Welcome to parenthood, you say. Grrrr, I say. What I am trying to say is that, I can't update my blog at home, which only leaves during the day. When I am meant to be working. Cherry Blossoms: what ever.We wanted to go down and see these, the past weekend, but it pissed with rain for two days, so we did not. Well, maybe that is a bit extreme, I mean, it was probably clear for a few minutes or so at a time. What I did get done, instead, was some quality shopping. Hey hey hey. I haven't been properly shopping in like, forever. I got some clothes and some make-up. I was very happy. This occurred on Saturday. On Sunday, I cooked lunch and dinner, took my mom to the grocery store, and SAT. As in, SAT ON MY BUTT. did nada, nothing. It was nice, and a good thing I was so rested. But really, what I want for Christmas is like, 10 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep. That would be heaven. What does all this have to do with cherry blossoms? Nothing but a pitiful excuse as to why I didn't go see them this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Chocolate: I broke down and bought some chocolate at work last week, a caramel crunch and a, a...can't remember. It must have been that good. Anyway, I need to start bringing chocolate from home. Seriously. I finally had a Chantico. I wasn't really impressed. I could easily make that at home. I go to Starbucks to get drinks I CAN'T easily make at home. Really. *huff* Movies: Watched 40 days and 40 nights. What a stupid movie. Like it is some kind of record to go 40 days with no sex? Welcome to the real world. I have been so exhausted lately, sex doesn't even come into it. I could probably go 40 months, at this point. EXHAUSTED. What I need, is a vacation. Already, just barely April and I already need a vacation, probably won't take one until July. Hopefully I won't go postal before then. Final thoughts: Our office cleaning guy probably thinks I am a mental case. I keep all the bottles on my desk (i.e. water bottles, soft drink bottles). I intend to take them home and recycle them there. Currently there are 2 water bottles, 2 soda bottles, and 2 Arizona tea bottles. It is getting ridiculous. I should pack them up and take them tonight.


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