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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My kingdom for a decent night of sleep

Really. I have heard of hugely pregnant women who stopped sleeping in their beds and started sleeping in the Lazy Boy. I won't allow Lazy Boy's in my house, but between the circus and the heartburn, I have ceased getting more than a 2 hour period of continuous sleep at night. Oh yeah, and the crap circulation. I woke up last night to pins and needles on the side I was sleeping on, this wakes me up. Then I realize that the one fluid ounce of pee in my bladder is being compressed by the circus performer, so I have to get out of bed. Getting out of bed these days takes a lot of energy and grunting. Ask the husband, it wakes him every time. So I get out of bed, trying no to fall over because half of my body is numb, stagger into the bathroom, flush the toilet, then I have to wait because I don't want to wake Martin, then stagger back to bed and attempt to find another comfortable sleeping position. Grrrr. I have determined my due date to be Jan 12. My midwives are calling it Jan 17. We'll see whose right. Trained professionals or the Mummy. The good thing about a due date range, is that when I don't go into labor around the 12th, there won't be a big panic for the NST. If I don't go into labor by that weekend, I will find a trampoline. Something. Anything. My last point, I was gently remonstrated because I gained not a single ounce from the last week. The balance gently hovered between the two and the three, just like the previous week. I was generous and called it three. I am not dieting here. Really. It was even over the Holidays. I just have no appetite. How could I possibly? With that circus performer, and the heartburn? Sometimes I get heartburn when I just THINK of eating. Like now. It is officially my lunch hour and I'm still not hungry. Blech. Enough of my incessant pregnancy complaining, it will soon be over. Friday is my last day of work. Until March 13, or something like that. I am hoping to get more sleep, but we will see. I still have to be at home with my mother all day. I expect to be driven mad. I also hope to get some sewing done. I still have some diapers and covers I need to stitch up. I was also going to make a little fleece outfit for Martin. For me I have some lounging pants and a top cut out. Going WAAAAY back, I also have a skirt and a dress cut out. I also have a shirt about halfway done that I think is going into the trash, and another skirt that needs hemming and ties put on. But really, I would really like to get through the diapers and covers (necessary), Martin's outfit (not necessary) and my lounging set (will come in handy for my days of "lounging" at home). That other stuff? Eh, whenever. The nice thing about sewing now (as opposed to sewing then) is my new, lovely machine. A Viking Husqvarna Platinum 730. I love it. Time spent at my machine is now productive time, instead of time spent cursing and picking out birds nests and bunched stitches. Of course, this means I have compensated the other way and have just started making other mistakes to slow my sewing down. I am going to put an applique on Martin's top (an alligator, or a lion head, not sure which one yet). I have never done this before, but I feel confident with my new machine. I am also going to try out my double needle if I can figure out how to thread my machine for a double needle.


Blogger Linda said...

I hope you are getting your rest. I know I don't comment often, but I do read your blog and try to see how things are. Hope all is well.

1/06/2006 06:38:00 PM

Blogger Pavlina said...

Very sweet of you, thank you so much. Today was my last day of work for 9 weeks, then I go back part time for a bit.

1/06/2006 08:07:00 PM

Blogger BlueWolfess said...

hope all is well, good luck when the big event happens, take care get your rest...your sewing projects sound good:) keep meposted..hugs

1/07/2006 12:19:00 AM


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