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Monday, November 14, 2005

Ay caramba!

I was just told by a co-worker that I am large with child. Every time my boss sees me I get something along the lines of "Geez, you're huge." I go out of my way NOT to see myself sideways in the mirror. I can no longer get a decent night of sleep. My back is killing me. I have to pee every other minute. Have I mentioned that this one is riding low? But that she still manages to kick/punch my ribs? I can't believe I have another 2 months of this, give me strength. OK, here is a funny story. When I was first pregnant, you know that stage where no-one wants to ask when you are due because it isn't obvious if you are getting fat or are pregnant. Anyway, so I was saying that I wasn't wearing maternity this time, no way.. Too ugly and I can't afford to blow hundreds of dollars on ones that look decent, thank you very much. Um, yeah. Whatever. I have embraced the ill-fitting maternity garments after months of squeezing my body into too-small non-maternity wear. I still have some stretchy waist skirts that work,and some low-rise jeans, but I have fully embraced the demi-panel and the maternity shirt. Jason said he was sick of me flashing my belly to everyone by wearing all my normal shirts, and it was getting a bit old. The whole, looking like a pregnant Britney Spears, look. So I wear my demi-panel pants ( I do draw the line at that full panel, yuck), and I have gotten some nice long shirts (that still manage to show my belly when worn with my low rise jeans). But on another note, I just know this baby is going to be HUGE. She is riding low, like I said, but still kicking my ribs. It feels like she is just going to drop out of there any minute. No kidding, I have caught myself clamping my legs together. No kidding! How dumb is that? Anyway, I have work to be done. Thanks to all the commenters, I love ya!


Blogger BlueWolfess said...

Hey I remember that lovely feeling:)...NOT!the pins and needle feeling as half your butt goes numb..when you sit down,..
You Can Do It!!!!I have Faith in You...You are Creating Life ::Go Goddess!!rah!rah!rah! Take pics of your Baby belly it will be cool to see it later >years from now...good for guilting them out when they are 18...>look what you did to me..your poor Mother!!!Keep updating too....hey do you need a baby Blanket I do that stuff(crafty stuff)just tell me what and colors:) only if you want:)

11/15/2005 10:40:00 PM

Blogger Pavlina said...

Yes, the pictures. I was looking at the pictures last time, yikes!

I'm almost done! Sort of, anyway.

Oooh, we love baby blankets. That would be too sweet.

11/16/2005 02:39:00 PM

Blogger BlueWolfess said...

no problem , email me what color(s) you'd like and I'll get right on that:) fun for me:)

11/17/2005 10:39:00 AM

Blogger BlueWolfess said...

What is Martin's fav color too?

11/17/2005 10:40:00 AM


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