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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Confessions of a tired woman

I am tired, no WE are tired. Martin just got Polio vaccine number three yesterday. I'll just blame that for his amazing crankiness that lasted until 6:00AM today. Poor Jason ended up sleeping on the floor next to his crib. He is a sweetheart for getting up with Martin these days, I can barely get any sleep because I appear to be carrying a circus performer. Even though I had that ultrasound at around 20 weeks, I remain unconvinced that there is only one baby in there. The movement is unprecedented. I mean, UNPRECEDENTED. I am getting beat up from the inside, and the only thing keeping me from peeing my pants every time "she" kicks are those strong kegel muscles I have. Well, that is one form of exercise I continue to do, anyway. I think there must be at least two babies in there, and they don't like each other very much, similar to the Mako Shark, I believe one on them is fighting for dominance. I mean, I hurt from the inside, is that normal? The baby already hates me. That's the other explanation. She knows I will dress her in pink, and she already hates pink. I also got a wing needle for my sewing machine so I can make her adorable little dresses with heirloom stitching details. She is rebelling at these clothing choices. The baby is LARGE. I think I only ever got this big with Martin, and I still have six weeks to go. When I got to work this morning, everyone just kind of stood around looking at my large belly. Nuff' said. Have I mentioned that I am tired? Between the battle for survival (Survivor: Pavlina's Womb!) occurring in my womb, kicking of my bladder so I have to get up and pee, poor (crap) circulation so I have to switch positions every 30 minutes, and Martin having nightmares, this soon-to-be-momma is sleep deprived. Question: Why is it that when we need our sleep the most (before the baby comes) we don't get it? Possible Answers: It is a cruel joke of nature. Nature is actually being kind and giving us a way to adapt for our later lack of sleep. I am just that unlucky. When I had Martin, I had him in the hospital. I was drugged, heavily, with a narcotic called Nubain approximately fours hours before he was born. As soon as they shot that into my IV, I was down for the count. I could barely be roused to push the wee fella out. After he was born, he was also drugged (beware the medicated births is all I can say) and had no interest what so ever in my booby, he feel asleep, and so did I. For like the next 24 hours. I kid you not. If this birth goes as planned, we will be in the Birthing center and I will be home within 12 hours of giving birth. The only question I have is, will I get enough sleep? I hope so. There is something to be said for the sweet, sweet sleep you get in the hospital. But that is the only good thing I can say about it. Oh yeah, just in case anyone cares, I did finish and win NaNoWriMo. It was bittersweet as it did cause some strife between Jason and I. But that is all over now. Well, mostly anyway. Now I can start preparing for the HOLIDAYS. I usually love Christmas time, but this year I'm not taking any vacation, because I am saying it for my maternity leave. So I will get a grand total of three days off. At least I get a four-day weekend for Christmas, and a three-day weekend for New Year's, but that is all. This means I have three weekends before Christmas to decorate and set up. Six weekends before the baby gets here. Here is my list: 1. Finish Christmas shopping and decorate the house 2. Finish baby shopping (Car seat, bassinet, sling wrap) 3. Finish baby sewing (bunting, two dozen diapers, six diaper covers (and yes, I use cloth diapers, but I don't care if you do, really)) 4. Wash and put away all baby clothes 5. Find all tiny little baby toys that Martin no longer plays with 6. Get baby supplies back from friends 7. Then decide what we are still missing 8. Cook and freeze a nutritious, hi-protein meal for after baby (or as I will do, make a run to Giant and buy a quiche or something.) 9. Pack bag YIKES!!! But we do have a pediatrician. I apologize for the baby-focused port.


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