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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry (late) Christmas

Sorry, I didn't turn on the laptop during the holiday weekend, so this is my first post since before Christmas. Quite rankly, I had a few million other things on my mind, so I do apologize. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am back at work today (I'm taking a break, okay! Lighten up). In between packing my office and reading a few papers, I decided to post. Christmas at the household was actually very nice, other than a few dark spots. I managed to get all the necessary cooking done, hurray! Although I didn't quite make up all my cookie dough, but considering that we now have a few dozen cookies and half a cheesecake left to eat, oh well. The good news (for Jason anyway) is that the turkey is all gone and I have to cook dinner tonight (bad news for me). we still have opened gifts under the tree that haven't been put away yet. Martin got a few million toys, but after looking at the size of out newest neighbor's trash pile this morning, I am thinking that all the cool babies got a few trillion toys for Christmas. Holy cow, there were a lot of boxes in there. While Martin (and I) were unwrapping all his gifts, it seemed like a lot. After we got the toys out of the boxes we found there really weren't so many, as many of the gifts were clothing, books, or completely age-inappropriate. So hopefully we aren't yet on our way to raising a materialistic little toy-monster. Oh yeah, an update for the lovely person who reads my blog and hates me. As a sidenote, don't you have better things to do with your time other than read my blog? I turned off anonymous submissions so you can't leave your hateful comments anymore, and you are too chicken-s*** to e-mail me, so go away already. You'll be happy to know that I haven't been getting much sleep lately. But I am sure you'll also be very burned to now that I still love my Husband and he is the greatest man in the world and he also loves me. Oh, and our child? I love him very much as well, and he seems very happy and well-adjusted, despite all of my personality flaws that you seem to think I have. So I guess I am nowhere near as miserable as you would like. So go screw yourself. Merry Christmas. Martin can sense the impending birth of his sister, and refuses to sleep in his crib these days. He wakes up around midnight and screams until we bring him to bed, or for two hours. Straight. We decided no more beddy bye with mommy and daddy, so last night we had the two hour marathon. Then after he finally fell back asleep, I was awake for another 90 minutes. Lovely. Good thing I only have to pack. I have been taking my reading in short spurts, so I don't fall asleep. Christmas at our house. My niece, nephew and ex-brother-in-law(ebil) came for Christmas. Having my ebil there is a bit strange, but it was nice seeing my niece and nephew, especially since my nephew is 18 and a free agent. I also feel a bit sorry for my ebil, he really is a nice guy. They were only down for the weekend though. Literally. Arrived on Saturday and left Sunday night. It did make for a nice Monday though. We had the day off and just sat around unboxing toys and playing. Well, break is over.


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