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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Away from home...and getting some sleep

While I really do miss my boys, I can't say that I miss Martin waking in the middle of the night, screaming, or Jason pawing frantically at my bloated, pregnant body wanting sex and keeping me from the sweet sleep that I desire most. I love Martin, but I wish that he would sleep through the night. I love Jason, but I wish that my bloated body wasn't feeding the high flames of his desire and making him want it every night. What does he think? That we are dating? Pfft, he BOUGHT the cow, silly man. I must really say, thank you to all THREE lovely women so far who have left me comments. I love you all. You give me the inspiration to keep writing this drivel. And yes, of course you may link to my blog. You don't even have to ask. But I appreciate the thought. Oh yes. Why am I away from home (getting all this sinful sleep)? Well, it's the job you see. Here I am in lovely, scenic Somerset, NJ. This actually is maybe my first trip here where I have driven around twice now, while it was still light out. A first for me. But I digress. I am here, for the company for which I work. Slaving away, trying to convince customers to buy our product. SO far, it seems to be working. But what I am really loving is all the sleep I am getting. I go to bed at 10, wake at 6 and I get EIGHT FULL HOURS OF SLEEP!!! Yes, I had to yell that. I had so much energy, I actually did some exercise today! Will wonders never cease? I don't think so. But all returns to normal tomorrow, when I get in the Freestar (company vehicle) point it due south (in the midst of rush hour traffic, no doubt) and return home to my boys, who I really do miss. No. Really. Also, two people have noticed (well, commented on anyway) my preggo belly today. A co-worker and a complete stranger. Funny thing is, the co-worker who I see more often than he-who-noticed, well, he didn't notice. I should be glad, as this means that he doesn't regard me as a sexual creature. (phew!) BTW, have you noticed that I have been in a good mood for DAYS now? What's up with that? Thanks for reading!


Blogger BlueWolfess said...

thank you for your lovely words
and SLEEP I'm so envious:)
You are now added to my Links, and whenevr you get around to it is fine, I completely understand:) Take care of yourself ...talk to you soon...

7/27/2005 11:28:00 PM

Blogger BlueWolfess said...

Hey you have been tagged, BiLLT put me up to it:)
Question: What is on your Nightstand?

Be gentle this is my first "being tagged thing"-lol

7/28/2005 12:27:00 PM

Blogger ALa said...

The first time I was pregnant The Man seemed fine with the whole pregnant sex thing; but the second time when I asked why he wasn't all over me like he normally was he was like, "It's the second kid...I don't have to pretend this time" LOL...

7/29/2005 06:37:00 PM


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