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Friday, July 22, 2005

I am sad, today.

I am sad, but not in the way I have been sad. If that makes any kind of sense. Why do people have to destroy things? I hate people sometimes. I logged into a favorite blog of mine, 100 reasons why I hate my husband. Only to discover that some jerk-off didn't approve of her blog, saw fit to threaten her and her family so she has shut down her blog. Thanks a lot. So what if she hates her husband? Big deal. It's a free country. Stop being jerks, people. That maks for one less blog I read. On the other hand, I am happy. For I got TWO things last night. SEX and SLEEP. My kind of night. That's right, I had SEX. With my lawfully wedded husband, so get over it. Martin had a bad night though, but Jason was such a sweetheart, he took care of Martin whilst I got me some sleep. I think he just wants more sex. Fine with me, as long as I get sleep, he can have sex. I am glad that he finally made the leap. Also, my mom has not pissed me off in two days. I don't know if the planets are just in alignment, or what. I don't care. Oh yes, I have updated my links! I added some more cool, new blogs I found. Speaking of blogs. Now I am definitely going to get blackballed from my birth club. But who cares? It's not that they even like me. They sure don't. I am like the invisible poster. They probably look at my post, and think, if that stupid bitch really thinks I'm responding, she's on the la-la. But it still doesn't keep me from posting. I still do. Every now and then there is a nice woman on there who will actually answer my post, so who cares. But I tried to read some of those women's blogs, and it was like pulling teeth. Seriously. Now I have to admit, I am no literary genius, nor do I even write about anything, any sane person could give a crap about. But I do think I at least make my idiocy amusing, somewhat, no? Well maybe not. Maybe my blog is crap too. Like I care. Only my opinion matters anyway.


Blogger ALa said...

Sex and sleep...wow, we have so much in common! LOL
You do indeed make things amusing --I love the 'voice' of your site!

7/24/2005 05:27:00 PM


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