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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Crazy people

Man, do I have a hectic life. At times. Sometimes it is all go, Go, GO!!! and then it is just me, alone, picking my ass all day, for weeks on end. This is the hectic time. End of the quarter people, and I am in SALES! Well, now it is the beginning of the LAST quarter of the year, and we're OFF! And I am very busy these days, so I do apologize for my lack of regualr updates, and also for my neglecting to read and post comments on other blogs as well. So busy, am I, that I just have two things of note. One is regarding my huge belly and the other is the Nobel prize in Chemistry which I will post on my other blog. My belly. I am sick of this thing. I feel heavy and large. I want some booze to calm my nerves. I want to eat more than a cracker at a time. I want to bend over at the waist without making sound like, "urg-ooof". The next woman who walks up to me, all doe-eyed and says, "Oh, I MISS being pregnant", well, I just can't be responsible for my actions or my words. Oh yeah, this is MY blog. I don't go around in the blogging community, leaving snarky comments on other blogs, so I would appreciate the same consideration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope that you didn't think my comment a while ago was snarky. Didn't mean it to be. Just thought I would throw out some ideas/points to consider. Issues some other bloggers have had with their IRL friends. Sorry if it was offending.

10/06/2005 02:57:00 PM

Blogger Pavlina said...

Your comment was fine. I got a highly offensive comment. I was incredibly inslted, until I realized that this person didn't even know who I was, and took it upon him/herself to personally attack me. You're fine.

10/06/2005 03:27:00 PM

Blogger BlueWolfess said...

Hey Pavlina DahLing!! hope you are feeling better...I'm still unpacking, Texas is cool:) catch you later ,have to go grill dead meat stuff for supper...:)

10/17/2005 05:09:00 PM


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