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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No, stop asking

I'm sitting in here (in the office/sewing room). I can't leave because my Mom is attempting to put martin down for a nap. I am learning some very interesting things while I am home on leave about the way my mother looks after my child, and I can't say that I am pleased with all of it. Right now, they are in there fighting. As anyone with a child under two knows, naptime can be very frustrating. You want the child to go down and he doesn't want to. Martin has also recently discovered that his finger fits perfectly in his nose, and he takes every available opportunity to test his theory. "Hey, it still fits!" I don't like him doing it because his nails grow fast and become little talons, I have recently noticed bloody boogers, so I don't want him to damage the sensitive skin inside his nose. My mom doesn't like it because it is "nasty". Whatever. I think she is just plain mean about it. He will stick his finger in his nose as he falls asleep, and she has a fit telling him to take his finger out of his nose. She also argues with him. You just can't argue with a 20 month old child. Really. So she vents and he feeds off her negative energy, thus the entire putting to sleep takes forever. I also must doubt her technique. Jason and I have had amazing success with bedtime since we have established a bedtime routine. Well, considering the train wreck bedtime was before, it is amazing. I have told my Mom that she needs to do this for his nap, too, but she hates the glider we use at night, so she just sits with him on the sofa, with the TV blasting, to put him to sleep. Once he is asleep, she takes him upstairs. So the question I ask myself everyday is, Is Martin better at home with my Mom, or at a daycare with strangers? What is better. I don't know. I want to believe that being with my Mom is better, even though she has no respect for Martin as a person. She is of the old school, I don't think she even respects me as a person, to be honest. I'm still her kid and she thinks she can order me around my own house. She loves him and would never hurt him. She does try and read to him. I wish she would do more interaction with him, but I that is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. It isn't like I have been following him around chanting the alphabet and first words to him. Anyway, enough bitching about that. I keep telling myself it will be better after the baby is born. I'll be too tired and busy to notice her. I should also go for a walk, but it looks all cold and windy out there. But I should go. Maybe if I walk long enough my labor will start. Then I can stop sitting at home all day feeling sorry for myself.


Blogger BlueWolfess said...

Hi, just popping in for a peek:)
OH That pic of Martin, what a sweetie pie...Hoping you get your wish soon, I'm about halfway done the yellow blanket, I only can work on it in the evenings, but I'm plugging along...I remember the waiting too ... I'm currently going through the "finger thing" with xaby ... and yes I have turned into my parents..how weird is that? If you have a min, I put up new pics on the blog today, something silly for you to waste a minutes on....get your rest, and keep strong, I am saying a prayer for your safe delivery when the time comes:)Take Care..

1/18/2006 10:29:00 PM

Blogger elisa said...

i think it's not always the best thing to have a relative watch your child. Sometimes the interaction with other children is nice, too.

I found your blog from Linda's . . . i also have a May 04 baby and am pregnant. Congrats to you on the birth of Emma (my 1st baby is Emma, too!)

2/14/2006 04:03:00 AM


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