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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Am I a good driver?

Or is everyone else just bad? What the deal? I needed a caffeine fix today. I woke up with a SCREAMING headache. I had a tea right off, but when I got in it was still there. Part of it was the idea of making some web based forms or my job, argggggggghhhhhhh. I moseyed over to Café Perks (I think it is called) So I have to drive through an intersection to get there. It is your standard four way, lighted intersection. A major (six laner, dual turns signals)road bisected by a smaller road (four laner, dual turn lanes). I was on the smaller road, going straight. Oh the Hell with it just look at my crude drawing. Sorry for the hand sketch but I don’t have any high end photo/drawing software to do it and I didn’t feel like wrestling with Paint. So I am going straight through the light. When I get to the intersection the light is red (for me). I wait, the light turns green and I proceed through the intersection. What I notice over to my right is the Idiot, in a van. He is “scooting” out into the intersection. Now, the light is not that fast. Really. There is a car or two behind me, and as soon as they clear the intersection, the idiot turns left on a red light. At first I thought he was just doing an illegal u-turn but, no, he makes a left turn coming into the roadway I just left. What was going though his mind? The laws of the road do not apply to him? He is too good to wait for another 30 seconds? What? What, what, what?!?!? Enquiring minds want to know. I want to know. I really don’t under these drivers who just drive around, in their own world, blithely ignoring all traffic regulations. This was just one incident Really, it happens all the time. People just doing whatever. I can’t tell you how many times I have to either slow down or speed up because a merging driver is too busy yapping on their mobile to pay attention to merging onto the freeway. I mean really. Put the damn phone down. Have a rant about a driving experience? Please, leave a comment. I know it happens to more than just me. Categories:


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