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Monday, July 10, 2006

It was a lovely six days in a row at home. The best thing was it was unplanned time at home. I just took it as vacation as I could get no work done with the kids, so I just hung around, playing with them. As soon as the weather cleared up, we went on some walks. There is a small "tot lot" not too far from the house, so I would buckle in Emma and we have this little walking strap for Martin that works nice and he will actually wear it. The only problem with the tot lot is that it is in this little mini-forest. Add up the rain we have been having and you get mosquitoes. So we were all bitten. Poor little Emma, only 6 months and she already has been tasted by the insidious insect. AT least three times, no less. I have to go to work today. I went a few times last week. Oh, the Hell it was. My mom's flight gets in at 9am, which is a little less than two hours from now. I will have to pack up the kids and drive over there, then hopefully mom will be coherent enough to watch the kids so I can go to the evil salt mines.


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