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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have milk on my pants...

This is the familiar cry of the new (or not so new) mom, as she is at work. She has just finished pumping, and she is now extricating her boobs from the cones off the breast pump. Either I an a pump-tard or this happens to everyone. I have been doing this for quite awhile now, and I can auure you that if anyone is a pro at extracting milk from her breast via a mechanical pump, it is myself. Sorry if I have grossed you out, but I think my male readers have long since left, and most of my female readers are mothers themselves. If you fall outside these categories, then please come back tomorrow when I will have a "less gross" topic up. If you are a mother who did not breastfeed, or did at one time but never pumped, stay for the humor. It is funny, I will say. Nothing is funnier than the woman who is tied to this silly contraption. At the very least, you can read this and say to yourself, "So, that's why I never did that." I once had some girlfriends remark on how "dedicated" I was. What I really think they wanted to say was "mental" but being my friends they were being nice. I must be mental to go through this every day, but it is alwasy worth it when I get home and nurse my lttle nursling. Her little sighs and cuddles really do make it all worthwhile. Neverless, a few hours later I am cursing my fate as I clean bottle and cones. Why must they make these parts so complex? It is impossible to get a brush small enough to clean out the crevices of the milk collecting devices. I always say I'll get pipecleaners but I never have. part of the reason I nurse is because it is easier. Emma sleeps in her bassinet next to our bed and when she awakens at 2am, all I have to do is flip over, grap her and put her to breast. I love my sleep and I won't let anything get in the way. It does get old though. I have bottles, nipples, more bottles and pump parts to clean everyday. Now that Emma is older, I don't sterilize everyday, more like once a week. SHe is six months old Friday, so maybe we'll start thinking about the rice cereal. She really has shown zero interest in solid food yet. Fine by me. I'm not looking forward to the stinky poo. So, think fondly of me as I go once again to spill milk on my pants.


Blogger Linda said...

lol - I tried pumping. But I wasn't as dedicated. I applaud you in your breastfeeding and pumping.

7/20/2006 10:16:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/06/2006 07:38:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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