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Monday, June 26, 2006

Eyeliner and an apology

I think I named my last entry incorrectly. What I meant to convey was, "Are you an over-eager overachiever too? Or something like that. Eyeliner. Right. If you are here to read one of my funny stories, stay posted because I have a few in my mind. I really wanted to talk about eyeliner because to the dismay of Bobbie Brown, I feel naked without my eyeliner run and therefore I am in a make-up rut. Whatever. And I also saw some ladies doing The great Eyeliner Hunt, which I was not invited to participate in but I have plenty of input. You see, I shun the pencil in favor of the cake eyeliner. In a pinch I'll use liquid. In an even bigger pinch I'll use a pencil. My all time fave is Laura Mercier Cake eyeliner in Aubergine, which is no longer made. This has a heavenly color and texture. It lasts all day and DOES NOT BUDGE. The color is a rich burgundy, and it is a nice alternative to brown. I also have a black cake eyeliner made by Studio Gear.This one is not as nice. I notice that I really need to use a sealant, like She-laq by Benefit or this one will run in the summer. It does make a nice consistency and it is very easy to work with. I have the corresponding eyeliner brush and this is a very nice brush. It is about four years old and is going strong. I just rinse it after each use. Those are my only two true cake eyeliners. I also have a MAC gel liner in Sable, which a a very nice dark green, forest green color. This one WILL NOT BUDGE. You could do a Ironman decathlon in this one, and you would still be perfectly lined. Can be a bit tricky to remove, I suggest an oil based remover. So those are my cake eyeliner suggestions plus one gel. I think the cake are a bit more forgiving in term of applications that the liquid. It is much easier to control the brush, and I get my best line with a cake eyeliner. If I want the smudged look, I'll just smudge a line of darker eyeshadow color using a stubby brush from MAC, I can't recall the number. I much prefer the sharp line look, myself. I am not a fan of tightlining. I have tried it once or twice and really didn't see much of a difference for the amount of work. I'll make another post covering liquids and pencil.


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