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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A new thought

I apologize again for the sloppiness of my last post. I would delete it, but then again, it has become a part of my blog. No regrets. Martin's fever broke last night, so we were able to get a small amount of sleep. Hooray. When Martin sleeps, we all sleep. Soon, he will have FIVE teeth. So, in the latest chapter of the saga that is my life, we are looking at getting new windows. Replacement windows. Yes. You see, we have a slight rotting issue with three windows, and we also have some glazing issues with a few of the other windows. We had a representative from Renewal by Andersen in last night. They are beautiful windows, but PROHIBITIVE. We'll see. We are not sure how long we will even bee in that house, we will know more in probably a year or son. Anyway. I have a question. Why are people such jerks? Just notice the next time you drive. People are terrible, driving like they own the road. Yacking on their mobile phones, not even paying attention to the road. Ugh. Paulette


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