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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

About yesterday

Sorry about that post. I may have come off a bit, hummmm, maniacal, or pompous, or just crazy. While I am probably a mix of all of those things, maybe I should keep it inside. Well, actually, no I shouldn't. If I can't be my crazy self here, then where? I do apologize if my post was tedious to read, however. That is unforgivable. Now, onto better things. I am post early today because I have lots of work to do, and I am taking a half-day today as I have a pre-natal appt at 1pm. This means I have to update my blog, do any other general web surfing, and my work before I leave here at 12:30. We'll see. I'll probably end up taking work home with me. *gasp* Anyway. The one thing I really wanted to get off my chest is this entire Grand Theft Auto sex scene. I saw it last night, and wow, was I not totally not impressed. I was expecting more porno, less cartoon. First of all, I know for a fact that video console graphics would have allowed for much better definition of the naked woman. Really. You could see poorly formed breasts, maybe with a slight hint of nipple. And, that's it. A naked butt. It truly was looking like a Barbie doll. Also, the guy was fully clothed. Fully clothed. Need I say more? Really. No big deal, says I. Not impressed at all. Would I be happy if my 17 year old kid saw this? Well, honestly, any 17 year old boy has probably at least seen higher definition sex than that. Period. That little bit of poorly-animated sex would not get me lathered up. I wouldn't let any kid under 17 play a rated M for mature game anyway. Unless I played it first and could really judge for myself the violence, etc that earned it the rating. I play these games, you see. Or maybe I would let my 15 year old play Halo with me, but not alone or with his friends. Just like a rated R movie, or whatever. Something. I'm babbling, but I think you get me. Anyway. I have to do some work. I have the program open, and the blank screen is egging me on. Tomorrow, I'll try and have an update on my critter, and also on my job. Cheers. Thanks for reading!


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