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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beauty and interior design

I read a lot of beauty blogs. Yes, I know they aren’t on the sidebar, but I have been very lazy about updating my blog page. As a woman, I use a lot of products, much to the dismay of Jason. From what I’ve been reading, he should be happy I don’t spend more than I already do (you hear that, honey?) So, I was wandering around. This lady was talking about how she need to draw up a budget, then she goes on to describe her latest shopping trip where she buys like 6 cashmere sweaters. YIKES!!! I wish I had her ‘budget’. Then I was reading a past entry, and I noticed that she had purchased one of the new Coach Hamptons bags. Now I love those little bags from Coach, I even have one. I bought it last year for my birthday, at the Coach Outlet. You see, I just can’t SEE spending 300 plus DOLLARS on a HANDBAG that I will get sick of. I am sick to death, death, death of this handbag. I am just biding my time until we make the journey to the outlets and I can buy another one. I just can’t see paying full price for a handbag. Call me cheap. Okay, done. It’s a purse, people. Ok, that had nothing to do with beauty, so let’s move on now. I was reading a beauty blog. The woman on the blog used a lot of drugstore brand products. Not that I have anything against drugstore products…ok well I do actually. I think they have little pigmentation, they don’t last, the shadows crease, the blushes do not go on smoothly (hello, blotches), the lipsticks are drying, and the lip glosses are runny. The only thing they do reasonably well on is foundation and concealer, if you can find the right shade. Good luck with that. So you go to CVS (or Walgreens, WalMart, whatever) and buy some make-up, and you don’t like the color/texture/etc. You are SOL. Most places won’t take a return. I say, go to the Mac counter or store. MAC, you exclaim. I can’t afford that. Yes you can. MAC is on of the cheapest make-up lines out there. It is only a little higher than drugstore brands. But you can try before you buy, with STERILE applicators. And if you get home and hate the color, you can take it back for a new one. As much as I love MAC makeup, some MAC I don’t do. I don’t do MAC foundation, concealer or powder. I don’t do MAC lipstick. I love their shadows, blushes, pigments, eyeliners, and lip glosses though. I very rarely buy any other brand for eye shadow these days. MAC has a lot of colors, to very trendy to neutral. So, what do I use for foundation, you ask. I use Prescriptives. Their matching is uncanny. Once again, if you buy the wrong shade, take it back. It isn’t so cheap though. I think that one really should skimp on foundation. I don’t care how great your makeup looks, if you are wearing bad foundation, that is all anyone will see. So treat yourself and get a good foundation, and concealer. Speaking of concealer, I read an article somewhere that said no woman should ever leave home without concealer. Amen. Powder? I use T.LeClerc, and Coty Airspun. Yes, I know. One is drugstore, the other is very high end. I love them both. I’ll leave skin care to another post. Oh, and sorry for the long posts lately. I do try and break them up, so if you get sick of reading, or if you only want to read the one section. Interior Design When I was home on Maternity Leave, as many of you may know, all you can do with a newborn is pretty much sit there and take care of the baby. With television this is no longer the taxing job it once was. So while the baby was sleeping and nursing, I would watch TV. There isn’t a lot of good TV on during the day, so I made my way over to HGTV, and I would watch countless shows on home design, etc. My question is. Do people really live like this? Or is is just a ploy to make the rest of us feel like crap. I mean, it seems like no couple shares the same sink. Everyone has huge walk-in closets; everyone had a master SUITE, and just copious amounts of interior décor. As of yet, we still have to hang curtains in every room. We have mini blinds up. Oh, I take that back. I have matching curtain in my kitchen. The family room still needs a curtain rod so I can hang the curtains which are sitting in a bag. The office has curtains currently being sews and also needs a curtain rod hung. Our bedroom has curtains in the bag, but need new rods hung. The kid’s room has a jury-rigged shade of sorts. Oh yes, and our living room is EMPTY, and still unpainted. With the hand-me-down drapes left by the previous owners, and they will most definitely not match with whatever furniture we buy (cuz they is UGLY).


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