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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dueling mommies and my reality TV addiction

Back before I was a mommy, I had no idea of the war that existed. The war between the mommy who is home with the kiddies, and the mommy who works in drudgery in some office, then comes home to her kiddies. I still don't get it. In a perfect world, I could work for 2.5 days a week, and stay home (and work) for 2.5 days a week. Alas, it is not a perfect world. And I could speak for hours about how this world would be better if they let women do exactly that, but no nevermind. Whenever I see a mommy who stays at home (and let me get one thing straight here, for the playa'-haters, I know that stay home mommies work hard, ok?) I either get two feelings, depending on where I am centered that day/minute. I either feel envy and wish I could stay home to (happened this morning on my way to work) or I feel sympathy (poor woman, she has to stay home with those kids driving her bat-crazy). I guess my point is that it is silly for women to divide themselves into these stupid categories. I think it is a waste of time. Why can't we all just get along? Now, onto what I really want to talk about. My addiction to reality TV. I just finished watching VH1's Celebrity Fit Club 3 and the Flavor of Love. CFC3 was cool. I just love watching c-list celebrities on reality TV. You already know who they are. I think it is way cooler to watch Kelly LeBrock than say, Joe Schmo. Flavor of Love is just a twist of the stupid dating show. I usually don't watch these, but come on, Flavor Flav!!! I think he is the ugliest, silliest little man ever. I could not fathom why these women were throwing themselves at him. Oh right. The money. Duh. I actually felt sorry for the girl he ended up picking, then I saw some pictures of her on the internet, and decided that she got what she deserves. I hope I don't get fired for looking at those, but she was wearing "clothes". I think. I didn't scroll down to the bottom of the page. When I saw where the wind was blowing, I left. Ok, I gotta run.


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