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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy hump day

You know, I never heard the term, Hump Day until I was 17 and in the Army. There I was, sitting in language class, and my instructor writes "Happy Hump Day" on the board in Czech and we had to translate it. I did, but it made no sense to me until someone explained what Hump Day was. Ah, the memories. I was reading another blog earlier, very quickly because I have been busy. Anyway, the relatively new mom had decided to chuck in the towel and stay home with her baby. Good for her. She was saying how she was always harried, rushed, tired, etc. Well, I am also all of those things, I have two children and I work outside the home. My life is much easier because my mom stays with us and looks after the kids, so we don't have to deal with day care and etc. Day care would add probably another hour at least to the day which is already long. I am still partially back at work, I usually leave around 4pm these days, and it still seems like I don't have enough home time. Martin is down to one nap a day, so he is more than ready most days to call it in at 7:30 pm. Emma, of course, is not yet on a sleep schedule. I guess at three months we should start trying to get her down at the same time every night. *giggle* I do like working outside the home though. I feel like it really gives my life that much more satisfaction. Of course my job is not the end-all that Jason's is. I really do tend to think of it in rather temporary terms, just something I am doing until real life starts up, kinda. I still haven't given up on the whole, homeschooling thing either. The point is, I like working outside the home right now. I know the kids are being looked after by their grandmother who loves them, etc and blah blah blah. One of out big house projects is coming up, FLOORING!!! We are getting new carpet in the family room and new hardwood flooring upstairs in the living and dining rooms. Martin's second birthday is also coming up! Yay! We are going to have a little party for him, invite some friends over and have a little pow-wow. It should be a blast. Very exciting. I still can't believe Martin is almost two years old. I look back, like 4 years ago, and my life seemed so empty to me then. Of course I didn't think so at the time. I just love those little people to death. Even if Martin has figured out how to open the back door and escape to the freedom of the back yard.....little bugger. :)


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