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Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Gloss.com order

I had ordered four things, and I got six things! I love samples. I ordered: Stila Kajal eyeliner pencil in Sapphire Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 for combination skin Origins Liquid Lip Shimmer in Mangotini MAC eye shadow in Knight Divine (Veluxe pearl) I got small samples of: Origins ginger soufflé body cream Origins Nit-a-mins night cream I had been wanting to try the Stila Kajal pencil for forever. I usually use cake or liquid eyeliners; I hate the chalky, dragging of pencils. I had heard however, these new Kajal liners went on very easily, and were very soft. Well, it is true. The pencil was a dream to apply, although I don’t get that sharp, tight line I get with my brush. It gives a nice soft finish, blends easily, and so far it hasn’t melted onto my lid. I give it a 8 out of 10. I still had to hold up the corner of my eye, which isn’t so good on 34 year old eye skin. I also had been wanting a deep, grey shimmer eye shadow. The description of Knight Divine sounded nice, and it was a veluxe pearl, my favorite finish of MAC shadows. It is indeed a deep dark grey, with a blue hint. Very nice. It is more of a cool color than a warm, if that makes sense. Also, it doesn’t go on as “wet” as some of the other veluxe pearls. Maybe part of that is because this color is really too dark to apply very heavily. It did look very nice partnered with my Stila Diamond Lil shadow (which is also warm) with MAC cornflower pigment (neutral). I used MAC vanilla pigment as a highlight, which was a little too warm for this look, but I didn’t really want to use my silver-white Pupa pigment, as I thought it would look too harsh. I wanted to use peach lips and cheeks, you see. The Origins liquid lip shimmer. I was really almost ready to send this one back, untested when I saw the color. I was dreading that it would be super sheer, with big ol’ sparkles. Well, that was exactly what it was. I did test it, and compared it to my MAC Vitamin C color collection lipglass (I can’t remember the color), and it was much sheerer than that, but with more sparkle. Perfect for that, “My lips but sparklier” look. It did go on very sheer, non-sticky, minimal lasting power. I put it on this morning, and had to reapply after lunch, as it was almost totally gone, sans sparklies. The best thing about this gloss, though, is the scent. I swear, mint chocolate. It leaves a bit of tingle on the lips, very refreshing. A must buy for the summer, ladies. The Superdefense is also very nice. I haven’t had to do a powder touch-up in my t-zone, and I still have lovely foundation on. Haven’t tried the samples yet.


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