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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now I know where that went...

I speak of my flash drive. It disappeared whilst I was on maternity leave, and I have been looking for it off and on since my return to work. It was all 512MB, SanDisk Cruzer. Nothing special. I had long ago lost the cap. It was gone. Disappeared. I suspected Martin, but I never saw him playing with it. Usually when he pilfers such a small object (and on a lanyard no less!) he can't resist playing with it, carrying it around, etc. So. I have been traveling again. I left home Sunday night, returned home Monday afternoon, then left again this morning. Before I left I wanted to update my podcasts, so I looked for my Ipod. and looked. I looked some more. Where the heck is it? It could not be found. I looked in my van again, but saw instead my empty (and kinda disgusting looking Frappacino cup), so I grabbed it (bummed out) and went inside. I went to the trash can to throw it away (you see where this is going, don't you?), and I saw, just inside the almost (thank goodness) empty waste receptacle the tell-tale signs of my white Ipod headphones. No wait, I saw the ratty black pouch first, then the headphones. I couldn't actually see the Ipod itself, but I sacrificed my hand and dug in the trash and soon came up with it. Boy. Was. That. Close. So I think I know what happened to my flash drive. I am waiting for my new one. Dell.com says delivery sometime in June. It is such a cool one though, I may be willing to wait for it. It is a SanDisk Titanium 2GB drive. I got it for ~70 USD, so I am willing to wait. KWIM? Oh yeah. I stopped off at Beauty First on my way down today. It is super Tuesday, so I get 20% off the first Tuesday of each month. I had been needing some new conditioner, which I got. Actually it was this super cool Joico pack that came with the deep conditioner, K-Pak (full size) a deep penetrating reconstructor (full size), and a travel shampoo and conditioner. All packaged in a lovely bronze tote bag, for the super cool price of 19.99. I also got: a super reduced bottle of The Thymes filigree bath foam( reduced to $5 USD), two new hair barrettes, a travel bottle of Essie Smoothies pineapple and coconut lotion, a new Burt's bees Honey lip balm, and a bar of lavender exfoliating body soap (for my sweetie pie), all for the low, low price of 20.55 USD. I got my 20% off, plus I had a 10 USD award certificate. MMM. I love sale stuff. I would have loved to browse more, but I had to get on the road, yee haw. I also got a generous sample of Archipelago Sugar creme for hands, AND a 20% off facial coupon. Loving life right now, ladies (and gentlemen)


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