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Monday, May 08, 2006

Primer reviews

I have recently acquired two new foundation primers. THE gold standard, Smash box Photo Finish and Prescriptives Magic Illuminating potion foundation primer. I have used both, but I only have the energy to review one at a time. I will begin with The Smashbox. Everyone has heard of this. Well, everyone who cares abut foundation primers. It used to be, I would apply foundation, then I would need to do a powder touch-up maybe 2-3 times in the day. Now, I just apply foundation. Done. I cleanse, apply my Superdefense then The Smashbox. I can't really describe the feeling. It leaves my skin velvety smooth. I love it. My Prescriptives Virtual Skin foundation just glides on over this. I need much less foundation, and it goes on very smooth and even. It gives my foundation a slight matte effect. I apply my powder, then the rest of my makeup. This even helps to set the concealer under my eyes. This is great stuff. My foundation STAYS PUT. Even during our BBQ on Saturday, it stayed put. No glowing or oil breakthrough. It was great. It doesn't really fill in my humungous pores on my cheeks, but it does diminish them greatly. I also noticed some people complaining of breakouts. Well, I have combination skin, oily on my cheeks and forehead, dry on my nose and chin. I noticed no breakouts yet, and I would usually break out from a new product by now. It seems to be breathable also, but I can definitely feel "something" on my face, but it is not unpleasant. I haven't worn it through a work-out yet, so that will be interesting to see. I give this a product a 10 out of 10. Superb.


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