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Monday, May 08, 2006

Whew! What a weekend!

We had a little party this past Saturday, mainly for Martin's benefit as he will be TWO YEARS OLD on Thursday, May 11. Most of out friends all have little ones near his age +/- one year, so. They all had a great time, running around our back yard, with surprising little scraps and falls. They all played very well together, and Martin got all kinds of little gifts. He promptly put his new CD player into the sand box, though, now we have to do a major clean on it to get all the grit out. I think some compressed air will be required. It was great fun though. Then yesterday. Those of you with the little ones will be most familiar with this, known as "the day after" blues. Poor little guy had to come down from an exciting day of fun and attention to just his boring parents and a gloomy day. He was a little rambuctious, so was Emma. We spent most of the afternoon trying to maintain our sanity. Losing battle, that was. We were exhausted last night. It is weird to think that one day I will look back at these days, sad because my little babies are all grown up. I do try to treasure these moments, even when Martin is having a melt-down. It is hard though. He is still a baby tough, I have to keep reminding myself. Well, anyway. We are doing a mommy swap this week. My mom is going to visit her parents this weekend for two weeks, then my MIL is coming over from Jolly old England. Poor thing, I don't know if she realizes the full impact of what she has signed up for, so I assume I will be working from home a lot when I am not away on travel. I am writing this now from my hotel room in Melville, NY AKA Long Island. Don't even get me started on the drive up, ugh. Even worse will be my drive home tomorrow.


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