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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I just went to the new little coffee shop around the corner. It as I feared. The espresso has that "burnt" taste. That which separates, in my opinion, the good from the bad from the ugly. This is not so bad to be ugly, but lands it solidly in the bad. I usually get a drink called a Cafe Carmello. I love caramel, and it has only lots and lots of pure caramel in it, no syrup, only caramel. Today I just got a regular latte, small. Burnt coffee taste. Yuk. Needs caramel. Last night was a good sleep night. Emma woke up at some point, then nursed and wanted to play. So I just let her play and she eventually got sick of looking at her fingers and toes and dropped back off. Martin woke around 4:30, Jason went and got him and brought him into our bed. You know, having the kids in bed really doesn't bother me one bit. I know some can't sleep with their little darlings taking up 90% of the real estate, but it bothers me not at all. I just curl up in the corner I have left and sleep away. That's how tired I am these days. But then, I had a good two solid years of practice, I mean TRAINING, while I slept in the Army. That will teach you how to sleep anywhere. I have even fallen asleep, standing up, in formation, wearing full battle gear. So take that. Sleeping in the corner of a bed is heaven in comparison. Yuk, this latte is terrible. I bought it, so I am drinking every last burnt drop. I finally brought my ipod dock/player thingy into the office. This was actually the reason I got this for Christmas, was for work, and now it is finally here. So I can listen to all my podcasts while sitting at my desk. Yippee. Or rather, listen but not really. So the podcast is playing and I only hear maybe 25% of what is occurring. I really should turn it up, but then I don't want to disturb my neighbors/co-workers. Oh yes, and I now direct you to Wikipedia, where you can learn all about the Giant Rhubarb. Learn something new everyday, I say. That's all for now. Happy Tuesday.


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