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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Are you stupid, too?

I am using transcribe feature. I hate it. I suppose it is better than the crazy feature of the old palms, but it is still real crap. I probably really should go in and make sure it recognizes how I make all my letters. Which I haven't done yet. I am on travel, again. The reason I am writing this on my pocket pc anyway. So here I am. One of the reasons I travel is to give these seminars. Today our room is set up like a lecture hall. We were expecting thirty people so we set the room up. The room probably accommodates approximately ninety people. So we set up the (thirty) places toward the front of the room. We use these PowerPoint presentations, and the further away from the screen one sits the more difficult it is to read them. So we set up the room. The next morning we sit outside the room, greeting the attendees as they arrive. After a bit (maybe 15 minutes) we get people coming out and asking for pens, packets, etc. WTF? It turns out people do not want to sit in front, they want to sit in the back like a throwback to high school where they all sat in back being idiots and wasting their time. You may be able to tell that I am more of a front of the room type person. Yes. It is true; I actually sat in front and learned something. Wow. It is always incredible to me that as a country it is so wrong to be smart and actually interested in learning something. We seem to value stupidity and it is so much better to be ''cool" and sit in the back and learn nothing. No, Don't be one of those "geeks” and sit in the front and learn something. So basically these people are just wasting their time by sitting in the back where they can't see clearly. Personally I would rather be a geek.. than an idiot. At least I move through life learning instead of going out of my way to be cool and hence, learning nothing. This brings me to something else. I have seen this. Mostly in the parents of young children. When the parents are themselves are very young. So we have, for example a twenty year old parent or thereabouts who barely graduated high school. Most likely because said parent spent more time in the back of the room being cool rather than learning something so what we have is a parent who thinks school is stupid and they pass this attitude along to their child. So this kid is now sitting next to my kid. Who has been taught the opposite and my kid is now going to realize that lots of his classmates also feel this way. STUPID. I fear I’ll end up with a child that thinks it is “cool” to be “stupid”.


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