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Monday, June 12, 2006

undereye circles are not cute...

Honey. No they are not. Not at all. They scream sickness and exhaustion. At least I can cover mine up, with much help from Prescriptives. Jason just has to go through his days, looking that tired. Poor thing. Is there such a thing as late-onset colic? Something, anything people. I am grabbing at straws. So friggin tired I cannot even think anymore. Sleep is more important to me than anything else these days. I can live without food, sex, ot TV. Just give me sleep. unfortunatley it is easier to get food, sex or TV. Why is that, I ask? Martin has mastered the ability to climb out of his crib. Yes, the mattress is on the lowest level, no the side bar is not lowered. We have an inexpensive crib we got from IKEA where the sides do not adjust, so I cannot even be so stupid I don't realize the side is indeed, lowered. It is not. He is strong enough to lift his leg over the side, and pull his body up and over the crib. It terrifies us because obviously we do not want him to hit his precious little noggin. What it means is that our household has been thrown back into BS. That is, Before Sleep, where we could just dump Martin in his crib (after a cuddle and a song and/or a story) with his sippy cup of diluted (very) juice. He would drink sippy cup, maybe play for 20 minutes and then fall asleep. Heaven. Now, we have to maintain a vigilance and it takes him anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to fall asleep because daddy is in the room. But if we leave him alone, he will crawl out. It is a lose-lose situation. We were thinking of getting him a bed, but then we would have to stay in the room. I wish it would be easy to just put him in a bed and have him stay in there. I could write a book about our little sleep issues, but I really don't want to. It took me a long time to realzie that Martin is just a bad sleeper. I can already tell the difference in Emma. I don't think she will have a problem going to the crib. She still wakes up to night nurse, and I was willing to let that go until she in really good into solids, so maybe three or four months from now then she will go into her own room as well. She does very well at sleeping in her bassinnet though. Much better than Martin ever did.


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