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Monday, August 14, 2006

My goodness

So today starts my first day of life without Jason…for the next 11 days. He’s over in Japan for two conferences. Usually I could look forward to some nice duty-free goodies, but No…not now. I really had my eye on the Lancome Hypnose or Armani Code fragrances, but it is not meant to be. Hello full price. Don’t even get me started on the futility of the air travel restrictions going on right now. I’ll just wait until I have to actually get on a plane and travel, then I’ll start the complaints. Until then, you will only hear my silence. So Jason is gone which means I have 11 (ELEVEN!!!) nights on my own. Eleven nights of getting home and getting dinner on the table, getting the kids family-timed alone, and getting the kids to bed…alone. I did prepare by making a huge pot of curry, spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I figure these should last Martina and I most of the week, maybe with pizza or something one night. Martin LOVES curries and (usually) spaghetti. We shall see. I guess the silver lining is that I can do whatever I want after martin goes down, provided of course Emma lets me. So I can read, surf, sew, whatever. The cloudy is that it will just be me, the kids and my mom. We’ll see. I actually had a post in mind when I started and now I have lost all focus. Hair So, I read Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl book. I found it mildly un-informative as I have previously stated. I finally went back to twisting my hair, and my last two showers have been heaven without having to deal with the huge mess of my hair on a daily basis. I did make the twist quite large, so they will only last a few days before I need to re-do them. I just did them on Saturday and they are already looking a bit frizzy. Maybe tomorrow night I can re-do them. What I’ll say is, I’ll re-do them any night the kids will let me. It took me about an hour or 90 minutes to do these, total, on Saturday. Actually I spent the early afternoon doing them, in between the kids and etc. Besame Reviews This was what I really wanted to discuss Besame cosmetics. Online, and wonderful. I have had my eye on this company for while, but when Carla did her review I put my money where my mouth was. I mossied over to Besame and ordered me some samples. The samples are 1.5 each and you really do get a very generous sample in these nice containers. They say 3-5 applications. I guess if you are a giantess three to five, but I would say more like 10. I got a sample of their face powder, blusher, lipsticks and foundation. Face powder: Heaven. Heaven in a tiny jar. My, MY, face powder of CHOICE is T. LeClerc. Sometimes I use this Coty Airspun I bought ages ago, but T. LeClerc is where it’s at baby. Other brands try to lure me away, but I am just not having it. This lovely, sweet smelling powder from Besame has my T. LeClerc running scared. It comes in translucent (which it really is), works like a dream leaving my skin very smooth and soft. Love it. A little goes a very long way. Foundation: Meh. One day I love it the next day I hate it. Today I hate it, yesterday I loved it, the day before that… Here’s the deal, they call it a soufflé foundation. This stuff is thick, so thick I didn’t need a concealer. I would call the coverage full. Full and most buildable. You can really do a pancake face with this formula. Maybe I’ll change my tune this winter when my skin could stand a heavier foundation, but for now I am sticking to my beloved Virtual Skin. I may still use it as a concealer. Blusher: They call it rouge. I call it very nice. I got this in Sun Kissed which is one one those all around beautiful shades that look good on everyone. I usually go for medium foundations, and this worked really nice for me. I don’t really like a pigmented blusher, I like a sheer wash of color and that’s what I got with this. I think this will go into my shopping cart. It is lovely. Lipstick: Hold the phone, ladies. If you are looking for a red lipstick that is CREAMY and NON-Feathering, look no further. My lips have about a billion tny wrinkles around them (Martin so nicely misplaced my de-groovie) so I have to be careful with my dark lipsticks. I got this in Red Velvet and Besame Red. I found the Besame Red very bright, the Red Velvet was slightly less so, but I was able to tame it with a darker liner. These lipsticks are heaven. Very creamy and long lasting. It was heaven to wear. I am wearing a Sephora Artist Red lip color and you cannot even compare the two. I was hesitant about ordering this one, I mea how many red lipsticks do I need, only one if I would wear it. I would definitely wear this one. A dream. Categories: ,


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