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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Random thoughts

Project Runway I really like this show. I like fashion and I like sewing so it is only natural I would like this (reality) show about fashion designers who go each week to make fashions, with all the requisite back biting, etc you see on reality TV. It was the fourth challenge, and my least favorite designer, Keith, was kicked off. I was happy and sad by this. I was happy because he was so annoying all pompous, sad because he’s such a good source of entertainment, but I DID NOT want him to win the show. My favorite is Laura, followed by Allison. I like Laura because she really seems to have it together. I know she is in a income bracket beyond me. I mean, she shows up on the show with a collection of LV. I am sure I cannot even afford a LV purse, let alone an entire collection of luggage. She has five boys, God Bless her. FIVE! BOYS! CHILDREN! Yikes!!! Her designs are always very simple and elegant, and so is she. I cannot imagine her soaking around the house in yoga pants or an old grungy tank top (like myself). I like Allison because I really like her designs. I still think she should have won the doggie challenge. I loved her outfit. I really look forward to seeing more of here designs. I am also looking forward to more single challenges. I mean, we have had four and two of those were team challenges. Out of the two individual challenges, only the last one where they had to design for the dog was worth anything. The first one where they had to use their apartment furnishings was a bit weird. Though I did LOVE Laura’s design. Who knew you could make such magic with a bathroom rug? My Hair My long time (and maybe not so long time) readers will know I have a real, love-hate, with my hair. It is curly beyond belief. I have been blowing it dry, then using The Chi. This was okay. It wasn't very damaged, but it was a bit annoying because I was beginning to really hate blow drying my hair, and it was getting so long (and out of control) that all I was doing was putting it in a ponytail because if I left it down it would turn into a huge frizz ball. Especially with it being summer and all (hello humidity). For a long time I would twist my hair but that takes forever, especially with my hair being so long. I think I will do that tonight, be damned with the time. My hair looks like crap right now. At least I think so. I read this book. I forget the name but it is one of those "it's okay to be curly" books, where everyone in the book has less curly hair than I. Trust me. The author really did make it seem like all I had to do was not use shampoo, rinse my hair everyday, use gel and I would have this beautiful, curly hair. So I "washed" my hair with conditioner. I was immediately suspicious. As usual, my hair turned into a huge tangle. No combs! No brushes! Okaaaaaay. I looked in the mirror. What I saw was a triangle, with the apex at my chin, huge bushy hair. I sighed. I put the gel in. Okay, the gel did work a little bit. Instead of having a huge bushy afro, I have a smaller less bushy afro. She said it might take TWO WEEKS. There is no way my hair is going to magically turns into nice ringlets in another week of HELL. I just have to face up to facts. I have huge, frizzy, curly hair. The only thing that will change that is heat and chemicals. My hair has been depressing me all this week. I did this experiment on Saturday. In fact, when my mom saw me she says "Oh you didn't feel like doing our hair today?" I mumbled something like "yahhhh, urrrrr" then this morning she was all" you know that hair was cute when it was short but now it's not so cute" I think this is mom=speak for "You hair looks like hell, why don't you get off it and do something with it." When it boils down to it, it is my hair. My afro doesn't look all that bad. I would rather walk around with this than a head full of damaged, chemically straightened hair that is all uneven because it falls out if I look at it too hard or whatever. (Been there, done that) As far as afro goes, it is nice, and under control. Oh yeah, it is still a ponytail. I really have much too much hair to just not do ANYTHING with it. *sigh* I blame my genes. Other stuff I started writing this on Monday, it is now Wednesday. I have been working on the new site. It looks GOOD! Should be ready in a week or so. Categories:


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