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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Holy Hectic Travel, Batman

I have slept in my bed twice in the last week. Ugh. I really love my bed. It is new. Is is a lovely pillow top. I think it is what Heaven must feel like. I'll let you know when I'm dead. Anyway. The travel. The sheer drudgery of it all. What makes this particular trip even worse...continued down below *Run on sentence alert* As if, sitting in some old, smelly hotel room on a Sunday evening, starving to death and dying of thirst, (because the Detroit airport can't be bothered to install a snack stand for purchasing water in ghetto concourse C, and I only had 40 minutes to get from the end of concourse A to C, and had to pee like there was no tomorrow, and the f***ing up-escalator was broken and this fetus is already taken over my rib-cage so I almost died of oxygen deprivation by the time I got to the top), beats being with my family in my nice, cozy and non-smelly house. Ugh. Continued...is that I am here for a "job interview". So I have to burn up my precious vacation time, whilst lying to the people I work with (like they care) why I am here. I am meant to be working on my interview talk, but I am updating my blog instead. I'm glad I have my priorities straight. Oh yes, thanks to all you lovely ladies who have forgiven me for being such a cow. It makes me feel all warm inside. It is good for us ladies to band together. Anyway. So I still have to: 1) work on talk 2) practice talk 3) buy batteries for dead laser pointer 4) buy and eat dinner 5) get fold wrinkles out of shirt 6) Hope that Belly Belt works in the morning 7) Get sleep so I do not act deranged tomorrow. It is now 7pm, so I have three hours to do all of the above. Well, except for the sleep part. I had better get moving. I promise, I will bitch about my job. Tomorrow. After I tell you all about my "interview" Thanks for reading!


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