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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Office is crap, but I already knew that

I have been experimenting with the new Blogger for Word plug-in. While it is a nice tool for writing one's blog offline then directly uploading it into Blogger, it is rubbish. I used to write my blogs off-line in Word, then do the old cut and paste trick to get it into blogger, that way all the HTML tags I put in would be there and tables, etc, would work. Using the plug-in is a right pain-in-the-ass because you are using Word in a way that Bill Gates does not approve of. So I have a huge delay during the uploading process, then my blog uploads. I go and look at it and it looks like shit. So sorry for the weird fonts and font sizes. And my HTML tags and tables also get all f***** up. So, I am no longer using the plug-in as it is a POS. Sorry Blogger, I know you tried, but there is no denying the evil force of MicroCrap. Speaking of MicroCrap. I have this old HP Omnibook 4150. I know, I know. I should just scrap it and get a new computer. I usually use my work computer (a sweet ass-kicking (for a PC) Dell Latitude D800) for everything, but the IT department is getting pretty militant of what they will and will not allow installed, so. Back to the old HP. Which is a POS. It came with NT which doesn't support USB, so I loaded 98, then 2000. Well, somewhere along the way there were these partitions set up (thank you NT), and the, uh, I'll call it the IMPORTANT partition (because my brain is fried) where I had 2000 installed was rapidly becoming full, even though I had everything else on the other partition (I must mention that I also has a tiny hard drive 6GB, with a 2GB and a 4GB partition, and a small ~500MB). Anyhow, I really f***** things up when I tried to "fix" things. I know enough about computers (collectively hardware and software) to screw things up. Occasionally I willl fix things, but an equal number of times I will make them worse. The problem is that I try to gain info, but it is all written in a foreign language. Now, I am a geek. I am a geek by nature, by education, by trade, and by practice. I cannot understand one friggin' thing these sources of information attempt to tell me, and I get incredibly bored even looking at it (which is yet another reason I still don't know CSS and have not altered my template yet). So I managed to really screw things up. This is what I see when I attempt *snigger* to start her up. NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart Bad. Very bad. And to makes matters even worse, I cannot remember the admin password after the 15 minute reboot from the floppy disks to repair said install and reconstruct my boot.ini file using the recovery console. Bastards. Anyway, So instead of chucking the archaic, large paperweight into the trash and buying a new computer, (hey, money is tight, don't even get me started on how I was listening to NPR yesterday and The Computer Guys said you could buy a Dell computer with a 17" flat panel display for 399, because I went there and it's more like 599) I have decided to install Linux and salvage it. So, since Linux downloads are huge, and I don't currently have any blank DVD's, and I am also lazy, I forked over 2.49 USD for a disk, that should be arriving soon and I will attempt the Linux install. I promise this will be the last mention of the Linux SAGA on this blog, I will post the continuing saga on my Geek Blog. Now onto more trivial matters. I will be at 22 weeks this Thursday. I had my last appt a week ago, and I had gained a total of 12 pounds. I was a bit under my "normal" weight, so I am trying not to panic. I just keep thinking, "it's the second that destroys your body". So we shall see. And it could be all the cookies and chocolate I'm eating. I have kept up with the refusal to buy proper maternity clothes. I use my belly belt A LOT, but some of my pants no longer fit comfortably over my thighs, they have that "sprayed-on" look, not quite the look I want at work. So I am now reduced to 2 pairs of khaki pants, and a pair of low-rise black pants that are beginning to feel the strain. I can really only fit into stretchy tops, but even these have a tendency to creep upwards. I found all my cute little elastic and tie-waisted skirts and I have begun wearing these. I have no idea of what I will do once winter gets here, but I am holding well right now. I have a few more rants, but I feel like this post has gone on long enough. Except for one thing, oh yes. Thank you to all the lovely people leaving me comments. You are super. But I did, unfortunately, notice a few spam comments so I am afraid I will have to turn on that annoying number thing. I do apologize. I realize that we live in a free country, but this is my blog and I don't want any comment spam.


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