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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Hair post, redux

I was surprised at how many responses I got to my hair post. Write it and they will come, and come they did. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, and more thanks to those who read and leave comments. I really appreciate the effort that takes. I read other blogs, and I feel what they are saying, but I can't think of a worthwhile comment, so I leave without writing anything. I always read the comments and I always read the accompanying blogs and/or websites, so keep them coming. Okay, back to hair. I used to spend a LOT of time and money on my hair. I would get it chemically straightened (relaxed), then I would blow dry it straight to get rid of frizzies, then curl it to give it some curl. So I would still only wash it once a week, my hair really couldn't take more. It was fried beyond belief from getting it relaxed for 10+ years. Then everyday I would get up, turn on the curling iron and curl my hair. My hair length had reached an equilibrium length, which was somewhere above shoulder length. Then, my cat (may Maria rest in peace) got very sick, and I was a poor graduate student, so all my free (and not so free) cash went to her vet bills, and I stopped relaxing my hair. At first I was like, ugh nasty hair, but I got used to it. It was nice not "keeping ahead" of the new growth. The other nice thing was that my hair grew so fast and it is so healthy, I don't ever see myself going back. My hair also like to split on it's own, it doesn't need heat to speed it along. I can only blow-dry it during the winter, because once humidity hits my hair, POOF. So, that is my hair saga. Please feel free to share yours also, through comments, or a posting on your blog. Cool So, is Pavlina really my name? Yes, it really is my name, translated into a different language. In my youth, I took a fully immersive language course, learning Czech. We were all given Czech names, and mine is translated as Pavlina. Pavlina I think actually translates to Paulina in English, but close enough. Paulette is my real name, as can be seen in my address, pauletterg.blogspot.com. But doesn't Pavlina sound so much cooler? And no, I remember very little Czech. Only enough to make a Czech ass of myself. Au revoir.


Blogger BlueWolfess said...

Pavlina is a beautiful name...:) Czech is cool, I love languages... know a few myself...
english ,Old english, Latin, french, spanish,Italian, learning german, russian,used to write my history notes in ancient greek:), Egyptian heiroglyphs,small bit of Lakotah, japanese...sorry I'm a bit of a weirdo:)
my name in Italian..Alessandra ( My first nanny was Italian (my Nona), spanish, Alejeandra, Russian Sasha

8/22/2005 12:59:00 AM


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