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Monday, August 22, 2005

Stay on target...

Hello, one and all. I have several things to discuss today, so I will not ramble on as is my usual MO. Gmail I have been out in the cold, so to say, regarding the gmail. The reasons for this are several. When Gmail was initially launched, so was my son in a manner of speaking. I wasn't in the throes of birth or anything, but he came into this world in early May 2004, and gmail came into this world early April 2004. This means that all of my energies were directed at welcoming the new human being into this world, and not so much on securing an email address that I foolishly assumed that I could get in several months. But that release has not occurred. Alas. I was up the geek river without a paddle, so to speak. Here I am without a gmail address. I would be shunned. Well, I now have a gmail address of my very own. It is pavlina2.0@gmail.com. That's meant to be read: Pavlina two point O, like Pavlina version 2.0. Get it? Kinda geeky, but someone had already taken pavlina. Anyhoo, I will place that more prominently on the blog, so all can e-mail me, which naturally leads into my next point of discussion.... My blogger template I have been restricted in adapting my blogspot template, due to my lack of knowledge of CSS. I still don't know CSS, but I am looking it over. So stayed tuned, for one day you shall visit and I will finally have a new layout, but until then. I did want to institute the trackback feature, I thought this would be very cool. I am going to use haloscan. With this new and improved feature of my blog, my new e-mail address will also be placed on the sidebar as well. So now in addition to leaving me comments, you can also trackback to my blog, AND you can e-mail me. Cool. Podcasting I love podcasting. I have a few of my favorites listed on the sidebar. I have a few new ones that I also started listening to, and I will also add them. I really like Geek Fu Action Grip. I was listening to Mur's new show, I should be writing. She has written reviews for some Nintendo DS games. She mentioned how cool the games were. Well, I love video games, I just don't have the time to play them. But I found this sweet deal on Amazon so of course now I want this thing. Like I would ever have time to play it. And the last topic of this day. Maternity clothes What's that famous quote? "Give me liberty or give me death." Well, give me decent maternity clothes or give me death. Right now I am staring death in the face. When I was in graduate school, this was no problem. I was able to fit into most of my jeans until I got very huge, then I got a pair of maternity jeans for the last trimester. I wore jeans, t-shirts and sweaters. It was comfy. Oh yeah, I also had a pair of maternity corduroys. Now, I have this high-paying business casual job, so I can't do that anymore. I refuse to pay for maternity clothes. So I have recently started bursting out of my shirts and pants lately. I found this gadget called the belly belt, so I can wear my normal pants as long as I have a long shirt so the belly belt doesn't show. I also capitulated and purchased: 1 maternity 'nice" skirt for work, 1 long-ass maternity shirt for work, 1 non-maternity, oxford shirt for work, in a size larger, and 1 non-maternity sleeveless, stretchy sleveless top in a size larger. Lets see how long they last. I also have some shirts with my company name on them, so I will also be wearing those a lot. I would have worn one today, but I had a dentist appt, and I don't want to go out in the general public looking like a dork wearing a company shirt. Ok, so I managed to stay pretty much on topic today. I also have a amusing and very short story relating to the dentist trip that I will post later on.


Blogger BlueWolfess said...

I can help with the template if you like:) Just after my move, can't think straight right now...

Maternity clothes..Gack, I agree, I just finally got rid of mine, The baby is going to be 2 in Dec:)

8/22/2005 02:47:00 PM


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