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Friday, August 26, 2005

Gone but not forgotten

Gone, but not forgotten I am talking about my brain, of course. I think it left me about a week ago and has yet to return. Regardless, the show must go on. I wish to emulate my “Stay on target” blog, and do the same for today. The agenda is as follows: Eating habits, and my fear of twins. Eating habits This topic arises from Martin’s pediatrician appointment. He was, of course, still small. He had dropped off the charts a bit more. Of course, I am a very small person. I am short, and small. I can wear girls sizes. That’s right. I can shop at Gap Kids and Limited Too. Jason is tall and skinny. I always figured our kids would be tall and skinny, also. Well, Martin is growing in length just fine, but he gained just over a pound in the last 3 months. This alone is not a source of worry for me. He is a very active baby. He walks, runs (stumbles), and crawls. Even when he is watching Dora or Sesame St., he is always on the move. And he eats. Boy does he eat. He eats a huge breakfast, then a mid-morning snack, then lunch, then an afternoon snack, then dinner. When I say snack, I am meaning a sit down and get fed snack. Not a few cookies thrown at him during the day. He also gets plenty of those. The main thing about Martin’s (and our) diet, is that we don’t eat a lot of junk. Sure, I LOVE chocolate, but I don’t eat it for dinner. Martin has eaten very little processed food. I have just started him on Progresso soup. He has never tasted a hot dog, a French fry, candy, junk food of any sort. He stills eat vegetables. I think his diet is why he is so low on the growth charts. I feel that as long as he keeps eating good portions of healthy food, he will be fine. The last thing I want is a fat kid. I wouldn’t know what to do with one. I figure we already have enough going against us, TV, video games, the internet. The last thing we need is a junk food diet. This topic is also enhanced by my lunch experience today. I went out during lunch to buy a card for Jason’s birthday. I was also going to buy his gift, but I couldn’t find the Best Buy. So, I got the card, and I saw that I needed gas, and I was also starving. There was a Wendy’s next to a gas station. Viola! I can’t remember exactly the last time I was at Wendy’s. It may have been a few months after Martin was born, when my sister was visiting us. I think so… Anyway. I went, and I was disappointed that they no longer had the pitas there. Yes, they probably were discontinued years ago, sigh. Anyway, so I ordered a spicy chicken with some chili and a sprite. Lucky for me, they guy filled up the cup with ice, so I got very little soda. I went and sat down, and proceeded to scrape most of the mayo from the bread. I have to saw, the sandwich was no very good, but I was very hungry. The chili was nice though. As I was finishing up, a family sat down near to me, three kids and the parents. When I looked up, I noticed that the mom was very overweight; the dad just overweight, one of the kids was overweight. I guess the other two were still too young. Anyway, I don’t want to be that family. Besides, I was so unimpressed with the sandwich; it will be quite some time before I go back to Wendy’s. Hmmm, blog is getting very long… TWINS???? I fear I may be carrying twins. Why? Well, I don’t think I am very big (even though I feel it), but the baby isn’t moving much. I recall Martin being a very active critter in there. This baby is very lazy. It seems that if there were two in there, there wouldn’t be so much room, and they wouldn’t move around as much. But…I don’t feel two lumps in there. And I’m not that big. But all will be know next Thursday, because that s when I have my ultrasound. My other fear is the baby is horrible deformed, but I can’t even let become a fully formed thought. As a matter of fact when I type it, I kinda spaced put a bit, and typed real fast. Anyway, that’s it for today.


Blogger BlueWolfess said...

Good for you on feeding your boy right, I do the same with mine, they can have all the fruit and veggies they want, plus cheese nuts, and the ocasional bagel. I do not allow sugar anywhere near them..only milk,pure juice and water.(their Dad sneaks them doritos sometimes tho:) No crap...don't worry about his growth, he sounds fine...I just weighed Bup last weekend,he is 50lbs he will be 5 in OCT, but he is tall and musclar..weird, he is the size of a 6-7 year old, My dad was 6ft3in, my mom 5ft1in lol, I'm 5ft 8in ,lost an inch since I was 20...Xab is 27lbs at 19 months, and my kids are not at all fat in the 90th growth percentile:) I'm sure your little guy is doing great. I worried about twins too, they run in my family 4 sets:) but nope just one:) both times...you will be fine and waiting for the ultrasound is the worst, I remember that, I'd be going nuts til it was done...are you going to find out what you have? boy or girl...wishing you some stressless moments, thanks for the note I got it, seems Hubby said we will leave the puters up til the last possible moment(we are SOOO GEEKY)so I'll have internet for awhile yet, at least another3-4 days...try and rest, oh and I still haven't found my mind either,it is the kids they steal your brain ,i'm sure of it:)

8/27/2005 12:05:00 AM


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