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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Friday, September 09, 2005

This just in...

People are morons. In the movie, MIB, there was a scene at the beginning where K was talking to not-yet-J. K remarked that people were stupid, etc I can't remember the rest of it. Not-yet-J replied that people weren't any of those things. K then stated that individuals are smart, etc, but PEOPLE are stupid. How true it is. It was just verified by something that just actually happened. I was sitting here, typing this entry, eating a cookie. No sooner had I taken my first bite, when the back door ringer went off, indicating a delivery. A big delivery. Likely an instrument. I happen to know that we weren't expecting anything, so I got up and went back there. Opened the back door (not the big door, the side door), and there is a guy there from ConWay transportation, not our usual BAX guy. I like our BAX guy. He is very polite. I don't deal with him very often, as my co-worker deals with all that inventory crap. This guy, never seen him before. So I am just looking at him, like, can I help you? Then he hands me the shipping doc, and I look at it. Oh yeah, THAT system. THAT system is technically not OURS, but it is a long story. Anyhow, I go over to the loading dock door and open that while he stands there and watches, but I am not complaining, women's lib, right? So, I notice right away the box. All the way in the back. Behind what looks like some huge side-of-road ditch pipes. You know, the ones that are like 3 feet in diameter. And then there are also some other, flat metal, gate-looking things, except they are bundled together at the side of the truck. When our BAX guy makes a delivery, and our box is is the back, he simply moves the other stuff in his way out into our loading area, out of his way. DO you think the new guy did this? No way. He grunts and groans, gives himself a hernia moving the large drainage pipes out of the way (and NO, I AIN'T helping, I'm 22 weeks along, so screw you if you think that is pahetic). Then he finally gets a space that is, say 4.5 feet wide, and the box is 5 feet wide. So then he struggles some more, moving the large drainage pipes this way and that way, then finally squeezes the box through. Interesting. What would I have wriitten about if that had not happened? Oh yeah, I still haven't started on my bathroom yet. As Scarlett says, tomorrow is another day.


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