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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hello, look at me

You know, I was just checking in at the airport and I remembered a funny thing that happened. The woman in front of me in line was Amish, I think, she had on one of those dresses with the panel over the bodice and side ties, if you know what I mean. She also had on one of those little net hats as well, and a pair of crocs. I’ll talk about those later. Anyway, her husband had a President Lincoln beard and a brimmed hat on. So the last time I saw one of these “amish” people (if that is truly what they are), I was waiting for the midwife during one of my earlier pre-natal visits. In walks a younger woman, in the same gear but, alas, no crocs) and her husband was dressed in regular business casual clothing, you know non-descript khakis and some short-sleeved shirt. Anyway, he had a cell-phone on his belt. I turned to Jason and gave him the, WTF look. He just kind of laughed and said, “well, did you see a horse and carriage out front?” I had to laugh. It was just funny. I did a Google search and I think they were Old German Baptist Brethren. So I did learn something new today. Like I said, I am at the airport, to be specific, I am at the Indianapolis airport. I got her Monday afternoon, and now I am leaving for Detroit. I should be home tomorrow evening. Getting sick of all this travel, BTW. I also can’t help but just feel so blah, with all the restaurant food and what-not. I feel like all I ever do is eat on these trips. Do you ever see women with kids, and you just want to call CPS and demand they get their children taken away from them? There is a lady sitting on the other side of the terminal, and she had three small (under 6) children with her, including a baby. SO the baby starts fussing, and she picks him up, places him in the seat next to her and her starts screaming. Poor little guy. It’s not like she was chasing one of her other two around, they were just sitting there. I can’t stand people who just let their kids cry and cry in public like that. Sure, I do it at home when I am just busy doing something (cooking dinner) and the kids are just fussy because no-one is paying attention to them. Generally as a rule, however I do not do this in public. If they start up I try and calm them down, especially in a captive situation like the airport, for crying out loud. Besides, she is already guilty of child abuse I am sure, as I just saw her cramming fast food down their little throats. I guess she figures she doesn’t want to be the only overweight person in the house. I just don’t understand people sho eat absolute CRAP and then feed it to their children. No wonder obesity is such a problem in this country, people just do not understand what good nutrition is all about. Trust me, I understand being busy, but I still do try and cook dinner (really cook using raw meats and veggies) at least four times a week. I will admit that I do get by on pasta occasionally, but I draw the line at stopping of at McDonald’s or KFC on my way home from work. Okay, getting off my soapbox now. I am sure that I do things that other people find abhorrent as well. My pet peeve just happens to be about good nutrition. I can’t wait to get home tomorrow.


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