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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Damn mosquitoes

I must have delicious blood now (that I am knocked up) for mosquitoes usually do not bother me, but I sustained two bites that are now itching to high heaven. Alas. I am in the great city/suburb of Laval, Montreal, Quebec. On business. My bag was "misplaced", so when we got in last night, My co-worker and I, we were bag-less. This meant several things. 1. I had to get a ghetto hotel toothbrush 2. I did get a new small tube of toothpaste 3. I had to wash my face with the hotel soap 4. I had to put my hand lotion on my face afterwards 5. I had to braid my hair with no comb 6. I had to sleep in my clothes, because I can't sleep naked by myself (what is the point?) 7. I slept like crap because I had nightmares of my bag never showing up, then I would have had to do the seminar dressed in day old and wrinkled clothes, which were smelly because I evidently forgot to use deodorant after my last shower, and I had no make-up except for my powder and some lip gloss. And no comb. The bag was indeed delivered in the wee hours of the morning, apparently at 1:30, for they called my co-worker. So I was able to shower and put on clean clothes and make-up and comb my hair. Ahhhh. I am exhausted though. We had software issues last night, plus a late arrival and a late dinner. I got to my room after 11:00, and I was up at 6am. This is piggy-backed on two straight nights of Martin demonstrating to us the power and volume his nighttime cries can reach. I. Am. Exhausted. I took a short nap, but as soon as I publish this section, I am off to the bathroom, and then off to bed. Which reminds me that I need to also update my other blog, arrgh. I'll never get to sleep. Never. How do you eat tiramisu without a fork? I am just asking. I have a serving of tiramisu and no fork. I am also full and have no immediate desire to eat the cake anyway. It is an interesting conundrum. Damn, sorry. I have to go. I have more writing to do, and I forgot what was so damn important I was going to tell you anyway.


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