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Why I am unique, and how my environment affects this.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Well, I'm only a little late with my greeting. I hope every had or is having a good day, off of work if you are so fortunate. We are home sick with Martin, who has managed to contract some awful bug, he is boiling. Poor baby.

Monday, May 22, 2006


I am always amazed how people find my blog. I was just looking through my hits and I found one person looking for Heidi Fleiss's All-male bordello post I wrote some time back and another post for a Husqvarna platinum 730 review. Wow. From male whores to sewing. Only on my blog.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I hope they stay babies...

I was talking to my sister last night about my niece, who is now 14, going on 22 apparently. I say this because she now has an interest in BOYS. I connect this to what I have been reading about teenagers nowadays engaging in all these alternate sexual activities. Yikes! I just think 14 is way too young to be that interested in sex, but I see it when I am irresistibly drawn to Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. Back in the days when I was 14...ok so no-one wants to hear about boring old me, but still. It makes my blood run cold, and I want to lock my babies away from the world. The thought of some grubby teenage boy feeling up my daughter, or some come-hither tarte of a teenage girl coming on to my son just makes me want to become the first family to colonize Mars. Stop those hormones. Besides as any adult will tell you, sex is way overrated for the youth anyway. Don't even get me started on drug and alcohol abuse. I just hope that my kids can beat the odds.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Whew! What a weekend!

We had a little party this past Saturday, mainly for Martin's benefit as he will be TWO YEARS OLD on Thursday, May 11. Most of out friends all have little ones near his age +/- one year, so. They all had a great time, running around our back yard, with surprising little scraps and falls. They all played very well together, and Martin got all kinds of little gifts. He promptly put his new CD player into the sand box, though, now we have to do a major clean on it to get all the grit out. I think some compressed air will be required. It was great fun though. Then yesterday. Those of you with the little ones will be most familiar with this, known as "the day after" blues. Poor little guy had to come down from an exciting day of fun and attention to just his boring parents and a gloomy day. He was a little rambuctious, so was Emma. We spent most of the afternoon trying to maintain our sanity. Losing battle, that was. We were exhausted last night. It is weird to think that one day I will look back at these days, sad because my little babies are all grown up. I do try to treasure these moments, even when Martin is having a melt-down. It is hard though. He is still a baby tough, I have to keep reminding myself. Well, anyway. We are doing a mommy swap this week. My mom is going to visit her parents this weekend for two weeks, then my MIL is coming over from Jolly old England. Poor thing, I don't know if she realizes the full impact of what she has signed up for, so I assume I will be working from home a lot when I am not away on travel. I am writing this now from my hotel room in Melville, NY AKA Long Island. Don't even get me started on the drive up, ugh. Even worse will be my drive home tomorrow.

Primer reviews

I have recently acquired two new foundation primers. THE gold standard, Smash box Photo Finish and Prescriptives Magic Illuminating potion foundation primer. I have used both, but I only have the energy to review one at a time. I will begin with The Smashbox. Everyone has heard of this. Well, everyone who cares abut foundation primers. It used to be, I would apply foundation, then I would need to do a powder touch-up maybe 2-3 times in the day. Now, I just apply foundation. Done. I cleanse, apply my Superdefense then The Smashbox. I can't really describe the feeling. It leaves my skin velvety smooth. I love it. My Prescriptives Virtual Skin foundation just glides on over this. I need much less foundation, and it goes on very smooth and even. It gives my foundation a slight matte effect. I apply my powder, then the rest of my makeup. This even helps to set the concealer under my eyes. This is great stuff. My foundation STAYS PUT. Even during our BBQ on Saturday, it stayed put. No glowing or oil breakthrough. It was great. It doesn't really fill in my humungous pores on my cheeks, but it does diminish them greatly. I also noticed some people complaining of breakouts. Well, I have combination skin, oily on my cheeks and forehead, dry on my nose and chin. I noticed no breakouts yet, and I would usually break out from a new product by now. It seems to be breathable also, but I can definitely feel "something" on my face, but it is not unpleasant. I haven't worn it through a work-out yet, so that will be interesting to see. I give this a product a 10 out of 10. Superb.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Friday

Firstly: Site updates. I haven’t made that many, but I did notice a number of hits on my blog to my Spring Clinique GWP at Hecht’s , so I did update that log entry as it was a bit thin. That is all. I have a bunch of new sites, blogs, ad etc to add to my sidebar, but I just don’t have the time to make those edits rights now. I have found a bunch of new beauty sites to add. Also, I am a member of Makeup Alley, which is a really good site for general beauty chat, and they also have a really good product review section. I have rarely purchased anything without first looking at this, and they review all cosmetics, and also nail, hair, and body products as well. I am there under the user guil if you care. Next order of business, Happy Birthday to me. I don’t know if it is kosher to call out to your self, and I don’t really care. It’s my birthday, so there. This birthday is one of those rite of passage ones, where I know have to start clicking a new box on surveys and forms. I can’t believe how fast these 35 years went. Of course I don’t really remember the first five of them very well, and the next 12 after that weren’t really mine but my parents, then the next 4 of them belonged to the US government. I guess the last 14 years went pretty fast. Very fast indeed. You know, I usually go shopping for my birthday, and I am sure this year will be no exception. I have the greatest husband in the world, although Blue Wolfess’s comes in a very close second! So I am trying to think of some nice goodies to get myself. I need some new tops, but soooo utilitarian! Pants? Ditto! A new video game? Like I have the time. That’s what I would really like, some time in a bottle. How cool would that be? But not yet available. Some DVD sets? The only set I really want is Starblazers, and that is like 100 USD. A new sewing machine? Already have it. So I’ll see what I get. I am finally home for a few days after hectic travel. We also got all new flooring installed in our living, dining upstairs hallway and family room. Upstairs we got this gorgeous Brazilian cherry, 5” hardwood flooring. Bee-yoo-tiful. In the family room we got this nice Berber carpet in a diamond pattern. It has some super stain resistant coating, so all the kiddie and kitty vomit should clean up very nicely. SO we now have nice beautiful floors. I’ll have to post some pictures. Speaking of birthdays, more important than my own, is Martin’s. He’ll be two this year, May 11. So we may have some small thingy for him, with a proper cake and some bloody birthday balloons for crying out loud (reference to the great balloon fiasco of last year). Maybe a Blue’s Clues cake, I’m thinking. I’ll see. My sister got him this really neat, blow-up bouncy contraption. That’s all folks. Kinda rambling on, but I think I hit all the major points.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now I know where that went...

I speak of my flash drive. It disappeared whilst I was on maternity leave, and I have been looking for it off and on since my return to work. It was all 512MB, SanDisk Cruzer. Nothing special. I had long ago lost the cap. It was gone. Disappeared. I suspected Martin, but I never saw him playing with it. Usually when he pilfers such a small object (and on a lanyard no less!) he can't resist playing with it, carrying it around, etc. So. I have been traveling again. I left home Sunday night, returned home Monday afternoon, then left again this morning. Before I left I wanted to update my podcasts, so I looked for my Ipod. and looked. I looked some more. Where the heck is it? It could not be found. I looked in my van again, but saw instead my empty (and kinda disgusting looking Frappacino cup), so I grabbed it (bummed out) and went inside. I went to the trash can to throw it away (you see where this is going, don't you?), and I saw, just inside the almost (thank goodness) empty waste receptacle the tell-tale signs of my white Ipod headphones. No wait, I saw the ratty black pouch first, then the headphones. I couldn't actually see the Ipod itself, but I sacrificed my hand and dug in the trash and soon came up with it. Boy. Was. That. Close. So I think I know what happened to my flash drive. I am waiting for my new one. Dell.com says delivery sometime in June. It is such a cool one though, I may be willing to wait for it. It is a SanDisk Titanium 2GB drive. I got it for ~70 USD, so I am willing to wait. KWIM? Oh yeah. I stopped off at Beauty First on my way down today. It is super Tuesday, so I get 20% off the first Tuesday of each month. I had been needing some new conditioner, which I got. Actually it was this super cool Joico pack that came with the deep conditioner, K-Pak (full size) a deep penetrating reconstructor (full size), and a travel shampoo and conditioner. All packaged in a lovely bronze tote bag, for the super cool price of 19.99. I also got: a super reduced bottle of The Thymes filigree bath foam( reduced to $5 USD), two new hair barrettes, a travel bottle of Essie Smoothies pineapple and coconut lotion, a new Burt's bees Honey lip balm, and a bar of lavender exfoliating body soap (for my sweetie pie), all for the low, low price of 20.55 USD. I got my 20% off, plus I had a 10 USD award certificate. MMM. I love sale stuff. I would have loved to browse more, but I had to get on the road, yee haw. I also got a generous sample of Archipelago Sugar creme for hands, AND a 20% off facial coupon. Loving life right now, ladies (and gentlemen)